Stefan Helsen

Dr. Stefan Helsen
(°1965) graduated as a geologist at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, where he prepared his PhD. Since 1995 he was involved in a number of geological and environmental projects, such as the seismic surveys for deep burial of natural gas and the reconnaissance drillings for the deep burial of radioactive wastes in North Belgium. Further, he elaborated mineral analysis and worked on regional groundwater quality maps. S. Helsen joined Ecorem in 1998, where he was rapidly engaged in international projects. He developed skills in other environmental areas, such as impact assessment studies and waste management plans. As from 2000 he was also in charge of the management of projects on behalf of World Bank, Asian Development Bank, OSCE, EuropeAid and Life+ programs, etc. He continued networking with research institutes and universities over different continents and participated in research programmes such as FP7 and Eureka. His professional experience is of more than 40 countries worldwide, for which he is an environmental advisor for many multinational companies, as well as for the Belgian Export Credit Agency. Stefan Helsen is currently managing a multidisciplenary team of engineers and scientists that conduct projects in any environmental area worldwide.