New Project in Kampala – Uganda

The Projects’ objective is to do the Consultancy Services for Geotechnical Investigations for the Development of Bukasa Port on Lake Victoria, to reopen the lake transport facilities between Kampala and Mwanza as an efficient alternative gateway to the sea. In order to prepare alternative transit routes and be ready for future expansion of trade volumes to and from Uganda and its neighbours, as Rwanda, D.R. Congo, Southern Sudan, and in view of bottle necks in the Mombasa Harbour facilities, the Government of Uganda intends to develop a regional program with an alternative transit-route to/from a suitable harbour-access to the Indian Ocean in Tanzanian Ports of Tanga and Dar Es Salaam.

This technical approach and methodology for the works aim at defining the geological conditions at site so there can be a timely, high quality and environmentally safe execution of the latter construction works.

The Project is performed in partnership with the Ministry of Works and Transport of Uganda and Ecorem nv, as a representative of ABO-Group, is the team leader for this Project, while other partners will provide practical assistance in both Uganda and Belgium.

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