New Project in Burkina Faso

The general objective of the Project is to improve the general health and well-being of the two school communities in Kaya and Pan-Bila and the entire community in Kosso. Due to the recent population growth and the absence of well-functioning facilities, the need for drinking water and sanitation facilities is high. The Project foresees the drilling of wells, the installation of pumps driven by solar panels and water reservoirs, the construction of pipelines and distribution points, the installation of latrines and showers, the implementation of a water distribution system to sell water door to door and trainings in drink water facility management, hygiene and sanitation. The successful implementation of the Project will contribute to a reduction in medical problems caused by drinking contaminated water.

The project is financed by the Flemish Government (LNE) in the context of ‘Het Vlaams Partnerschap Water voor Ontwikkeling’ (more information on Ecorem nv is the team leader of the project, while Noord-Zuid vzw will provide practical assistance in both Flanders and Burkina Faso and the technical expertise is delivered by Ingenieurs Zonder Grenzen.

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