• Award for quickest growing companies, Trends Gazellen (2007)
    In 2007, Ecorem won the award for quickest growing company of Trends Gazellen. The award is given to strong growing companies that enlarge the competitive drive in the region and that stimulate business in a positive way. The selection is based on turnover, growth of workforce and cash flow.

  • Lion of the Export Nominee, award of Flanders Investment and Trade (2010)
    In 2010, Ecorem was nominee for the ‘Export Lion’, an annual prize awarded by Flanders Investment & Trade to Flemish companies that have been most successful in terms of export during the previous year. The honour is given to those companies that have seen the highest growth in their export sales, as well as a high level of sustainability and innovation while achieving the sales objectives.

  • ING , Fit, etc. for innovation
    In 2011, Ecorem was nominated by the private banking group ING (in collaboration with Flanders Investment and Trade and Trends Magazine) to receive an award for leading exporting sme, with regard to innovation.